Standardization in Infusion Therapy

Standardize Your Care with the Pump that Goes Everywhere

Space® Infusion System

B. Braun offers seamless infusion management across multiple care settings with a full line of infusion pumps, drug library management, dose error reduction, real-time and retrospective reporting, analysis service, and interoperability software. This helps reduce the total cost and complexity of ownership while streamlining maintenance and improving clinician workflows.

standardization in infusion therapy

The Space® Infusion System can unquiely provide you with:









ONE Workflow

B. Braun offers both Large Volume and Syringe pumps promoting safety with a similar workflow across devices that can help improve your clinical experience with one infusion system to cover all care areas including transport and MRI. With familiarity and ease of use, facilities may experience a significant reduction in infusion-related errors.

ONE Drug Library

B. Braun Space® Infusion System offers the ability to standardize to one drug library with Large Volume and Syringe pumps. Customers have achieved >99% drug library compliance1 as compared to industry standard of 81%2, reduced override rate to <2%1 compared to industry average of 75%3, and reduced dose correction rate to <11. Facilities have timely drug library updates, standardize concentrations, minimize drug waste, and simplify EMR integration implementation.

ONE Integration

The Space® Infusion System allows health systems to standardize on one EMR integration for both Large Volume and Syringe pumps. This can help reduce the total cost and complexity of ownership and maintenance and is designed to improve clinician workflow through full compliance with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) protocols. Our communication standards allow for consistency when integrating with the same integration partners across various health networks.

ONE Hundred Percent Repairable In-House

Repairs are performed in-house by your own biomedical engineers who have completed B. Braun’s Space Technical Training (B. Braun provides necessary parts).

Space® Infusion System

Infusomat® Space® Large Volume Pump

  • Pump-based and set-based free flow protection
  • Meaningful prompts add safety reminders for the user
  • Similar workflow across all devices
  • Password-protected lockout code
  • Independent modularity on each infusion pump
  • Compact, lightweight design
Perfusor® Space® Syringe Pump, Wireless

Perfusor® Space® Syringe Pump

In addition to Infusomat Space features:

  • Flexible mounting (horizontal and vertical for feedings)
  • Compatibility with ENFit-compliant NeoMed syringes
  • Unique faceplates to designate enteral device
  • First syringe pump cleared by Health Canada for air and ground transport
  • Extended battery life beneficial in transport


  • The SpaceStation allows flexible configuration of your workstations. Up to four Space infusion pumps can be placed into one docking station in any configuration.
  • All it takes is a click to integrate and remove the devices into the system.
  • For complex therapies, up to six SpaceStations can be conveniently combined into one system. The power is always supplied to the system via a single cable.
  • With the SpaceCover Comfort the status of the infusion devices can easily be identified at a glance. Alarms and pre-alarms will be indicated visually and audibly. The integrated carry handle converts the B. Braun SpaceStation into a portable unit.

SpaceStation MRI

  • Space Infusion Pumps are MRI Conditional when used in the SpaceStation MRI
  • Allows for seamless transition into MRI suite
  • Fully customizable up to four Space large volume and syringe pumps
  • TeslaSpy technology continuously measures the magnetic flux density within the MRI room with optical and audible alarms

Benefits of Standardization

Facilities have experienced a 50-100% reduction in errors with 3 sites achieving 0 errors1*.

As one system, our large volume and syringe pumps offer familiarity and ease of use and can transition seamlessly for transport to MRI.

Simplify integration, service and inventory management by adopting a single platform utilizing Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) protocols.

Improve clinical experience with one infusion system to cover all care areas and the ability to change care units without infusion interruption for Large Volume and Syringe pumps.

Some B. Braun customers have achieved >99% drug library compliancecompared to industry standard of 81%2, reduced override rate to <2%1 in alarm state compared to industry average of 75%3, and reduced dose correction rate to <1%1.

Our system offers similar alarm tones and alerts across multiple infusion devices.  Space pumps show a low 2%1 in alarm state compared to 5%4 and 10%5 documented with non-B. Braun infusion pumps.

Create one drug library for both Large Volume and Syringe pumps across facilities for timely updates, standardizing concentrations, minimizing drug waste, and simplifying EMR integration implementation.


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* This study was conducted on the Outlook® Infusion Pump.