Contiplex® FX

Non-stimulating needle and ultrasound-visible catheter system for continuous nerve block.

Contiplex® FX is a non-stimulating, ultrasound-visible catheter through a non-stimulating tuohy needle and is designed to help reduce procedural steps during catheter placement. The sideport with valve facilitates pre-loading of the catheter while the integrated sideport allows injection and catheter placement without the need to disconnect during the procedure.

Design Advantages

Contiplex FX needle

  • Non-stimulating needle designed for ultrasound-only applications.
  • Graduations to show needle depth.
  • Sideport valve technique designed for easier injection/ catheter positioning.

Contiplex FX catheter

  • Echogenicity – Spring coil helps improve catheter visibility.
  • Soft tip with more rigid body designed for easier handling and tip placement.
  • Two tip options: Closed tip with 3 lateral eyesand open tip.