Prontosan® Irrigation Solution

Prontosan is the only wound cleanser that contains both a preservative and a surfactant.

The two ingredients have lower surface tension than each ingredient alone and lower than water and saline solution, allowing for physical removal of wound coatings.

  • Available in 1 L bottle, 350 mL bottle and 40 mL ampoule
  • Safe to use throughout wound healing and can be used up to 8 weeks after opening
  • Direct application from 350 mL bottle produces up to 7 PSI for selective mechanical debridement
  • Rinse or cleanse acute or chronic wounds thoroughly as recommended in the Wound Bed Pathway
  • Can be used independently or for further treatment Prontosan Gel if indicated


  • For cleansing infected and non-infected acute or chronic wounds
  • For cleansing, moistening and lubricating wound dressings for the management of ulcers, burns, post-surgical wounds and abrasions
  • During dressing changes to loosen encrusted wound dressings

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