B. Braun of Canada LTD “(B.Braun” or “the Company”), a supplier of quality health care products and services, may make certain donations to charitable organizations and educational programs to help promote advances and education in health care.
Charitable contribution requests from tax-exempt organizations will be considered only if the request meets B. Braun’s objective criteria and is in accordance with B. Braun’s Compliance Policies. Please be advised that B. Braun receives numerous requests for donations and may not be able to grant your request.

Grant Request Process

Please complete the Grant Request Form and submit it with the supporting documentation listed below. Submissions must be complete to be considered. 

For Charitable Donation Requests please submit the following:

  • Charitable Registration Number
  • Statement of charitable mission
  • Description of fund-raising activity and levels of sponsorship

For Educational Sponsorship Requests please submit the following:

  • Overview and agenda of educational program
  • Certificate of Accreditation and for the program, if applicable

Please be advised that the review process may take up to four weeks once a completed grant request packet is received. If your grant request is approved, you will receive a letter informing you of our level of support, together with any other pertinent information.

Fill out a Grant Request Form