Flexima® 3S Urostomy Pouches

Two-piece system urostomy pouch for collection of urine for any person who underwent intestinal surgery of the urostomy type. Each pouch has to be connected with a Flexima® 3S base plate.


  • Pouch capacity: 650mL
  • Available in beige or transparent
  • Anti-reflux valve designed to prevent urine from washing over the stoma
  • Secure drainage outlet with easy visualization of open/closed position
  • Audible ‘click” confirms complete closure
  • Anti-twist connector included to attach to night collection bag
  • Soft non-woven material designed to provide quiet discretion and comfort against the skin
  • Three belt hooks
  • To be used with the Flexima® 3S base plate corresponding to the chosen flange diameter of the pouch