Flexima® 3S Roll'Up (Drainable) Pouches


Two-piece system drainable pouch for collection of body effluents for any person who underwent intestinal surgery of the ileostomy type. Each pouch has to be connected with a Flexima® 3S base plate.


  • Pouch size: Mini 9in., Midi 11in., Maxi 12in.
  • Pouch capacity: Mini 270ml, Midi 585-650ml depending on pouch diameter, Maxi 750-800ml depending on pouch diameter
  • Available in beige or transparent
  • Available flange sizes 1 ¾ in./45mm, 2 1/8 in./55mm, 2 ½ in./65mm and 3 1/8 in./80mm depending on pouch size
  • 2 ¾in./7cm outlet for maximum emptying
  • Simple to use Roll’Up closure with self-grabbing strips and a hide-away pocket
  • Soft non-woven material designed to provide quiet discretion and comfort against the skin
  • Protected filter is engineered to be leak-proof and permeable to gases for optimal degassing and deodorizing
  • 3 belt hooks
  • To be used with the Flexima® 3S base plate corresponding to the chosen diameter of the pouch