Standardization Program Reducing Variation

Standardization Impacts



All providers end up doing the same procedure the same way regardless of the individual or location, which assist in regulating practice. They are trained on the same products – with no surprises – which helps improve patient safety. This supports standardizing teaching and curriculum development, and is a more simple way to benchmark outcomes across the network. Standardization also promotes an easier discussion for the development of patient care pathways. 

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Standardization also reduces waste and promotes sustainability, which makes a difference to the environment.  There are no longer wasted tray components and packaging.  Content reduction per your specific needs ensures that every component will be used; and allows for smaller, low profile packaging.



There’s a savings to re-invest in other initiatives or to help improve your bottom line.  Standardization drives greater GPO compliance, which may improve pricing.  It reduces SKU numbers and warehousing costs, promotes a streamlined ordering process that is easier to manage while helping cut down on ordering mistakes.