PrAcetaminophen Injection

Acetaminophen Injection

Available in Ready-to-Use containers Ecoflac Plus 500 mg/50 mL and 1000 mg/100 mL and Mini-Plasco 100 mg/10 mL

Acetaminophen is a non-salicylate antipyretic and non-opioid analgesic agent. Its chemical name is N-acetyl-p-aminophenol.

Acetaminophen is a sterile, clear, colourless, non-pyrogenic, isotonic formulation of acetaminophen intended for intravenous infusion.

  • The first Acetaminophen Injection with multiple doses available in Canada
  • Ecoflac plus containers do not need and overwrap and is designed to reduce waste
  • Available in our closed system Ecoflac plus container
  • Ecoflac plus and Mini-Plasco containers are not made with natural rubber latex, PVC, or DEHP


Acetaminophen injection is indicated for the short term management and treatment of1:

  • mild to moderate pain
  • moderate to severe pain with adjunctive opioid analgesics
  • fever



Acetaminophen Injection is contraindicated in1:

  • patients who have previously demonstrated hypersensitivity to acetaminophen, to any
  • ingredient in the formulation, including any non-medicinal ingredient, or component of the container.
  • patients with severe hepatic impairment or severe active liver disease.

Ecoflac Plus

Ecoflac plus container is designed to reduce the potential risks associated with drug delivery.

  • The ergonomic design of the bottle is designed to help protect from sharps injuries and allow comfortable and stable handling
  • The Twincap port system has two identical ports which can be used for admixture and/or delivery interchangeably
  • The germ-free port under the aluminum foil can be used without prior disinfection and its design protects from potential microbial ingress into the IV solution2
  • The full collapsibility of Ecoflac plus in a closed system helps reduce microbial and chemical contamination
  • The material composition of Ecoflac plus helps to prevent damages during transportation
  • The shape of the Ecoflac plus container is designed to make it easy to store and count

Mini-Plasco Basic

The Mini-Plasco plastic ampoule offers small volumes of Acetaminophen Injection for drug preparations and fluid administration.

  • Designed to enable controlled dosaging which may reduce the risk of overdosing in pediatric use
  • The Mini-Plasco container is designed to avoid particulate contamination and sharps injuries
  • The twist-off cap of Mini-Plasco contains an integrated finger stopper to prevent microbial contamination when opening the ampoule
  • The luer connector and circular body of the ampoule opening allows a direct connection of the syringe for a needle-free withdrawal, eliminating the need for needles and their related sharps injuries.

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