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B. Braun Space Infusion Pumps

The B. Braun Space Infusion System is the answer for today’s clinical requirements in daily patient care:

  • Ergonomic, well-organized and flexible workstations
  • Compact infusion pump systems design
  • Pump mobility for transporting patients around the hospital
  • One pump for all therapy and care areas

 The volumetric infusion pump Infusomat® and the syringe pump Perfusor® Space are two of the basic building blocks of the Space system

One System - all Therapies
B. Braun Space makes it possible to standardize infusion systems throughout an entire hospital – each individual Space pump answers the requirements of a variety of therapeutic fields.

As a result, the Space pump can replace several special pumps – B. Braun Space improves availability and simplifies logistical processes.

A variety of therapies, instead of a variety of devices.

Simplicity through standardization. Users and hospitals profit from shorter learning curves

Ergonomics in the workplace

Whether on the ward, in the ER, OR, recovery room, or the radiology suite, B. Braun Space helps you personalize your solutions.

Your benefits
  • Small, light (~1,4kg), handy pumps
  • Clear structured display, excellent readability
  • Simplification through standardization
  • Modular concept supports tailor-made solutions